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The vision to establish Merton International Primary and High School was a singular one. It was to produce a top breed of citizens capable of responding to the complexity of our millennium through the impact they would make in their local communities.

The mission, matchless in its import, was careful to make the school a theocentric one while ensuring the human effort that crafted a robust curriculum to produce an end game of skills and knowledge, sensitivity towards humanity and making sincere, the much touted stewardship to the environment.

Established in 1998, Merton International Primary and High School profiles a student body who are buoyant in their physical activity keen in their cognitive reception practical in their application and pliant to the values that underscore the finest qualities of the World Citizen.
Fri. 29th August, 2014 - Orientation for New Pupils
Wed. 3rd September, 2014 - School re-opens
Mon. 21st September, 2014 - Public Holiday (Founder's Day)
Mon. 6th October, 2014 - Public Holiday(Eid Al Adha)
Wed. 15th-Fri.17th October, 2014 - Half Term
Sat. 1st November, 2014 - Book Fair
November, 2014 - Cultural Interraction Week
Fri.12th December, 2014 - School vacates 
Wed. 7th January, 2015 - School re-opens
Wed. 18th-20th February, 2015 - Half Term
Fri. 6th March, 2015 - Public Holiday(Independence Day) Wed. 1st April, 2015 - School vacates

Mon. 20th April, 2015 - School re-opens
Fri. 1st May, 2015 - May Day
Mon. 25th May, 2015 - Public Holiday (AU Day)
Fri. 26th June, 2015 - School vacates  
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